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Podcasts: Towards flipping the classroom

May 7, 2012

I gave a brief presentation at a seminar organised by Professor Paul Lam of CLEAR at CUHK on 4th May 2012. The presentation was entitled, ‘Podcasts: Towards flipping the classroom’. The slides are on Slideshare. CLEAR have a webpage with the slides of all of the presentations.

For two, nearly three, years I have been creating podcasts to support my teaching of Land Law. Essentially, these podcasts are pre-recordings of the lectures and they are distributed well in advance of the lectures. They are accompanied by an e-book (more than lecture notes but currently not so detailed as a textbook) and a blog with outlines of the most important cases (and many others besides). Making the lecture recording and these other materials available in advance of the class means that one has to think about how to add value to the face to face session. I’m not brave enough to simply stop lecturing since I don’t know whether all of the students will have listened to the podcasts. The half-way approach is to break ‘the lecture’ down into a series of short lectures interspersed with time for clarification and for class discussion of relevant questions that have been distributed in advance. The questions and discussion should try to help students to get to grips with the central ideas and their application (and so should be a help in later tutorial discussions and in formal assessment). The blog (or other social media) can be used to continue this discussion after the class. In other words, learning is more goal-focused and (for the diligent) discussion can continue after the formal classroom time has ended without imposing a huge extra burden on the teacher. In this way, a group of ‘student experts’ can emerge with the ability to help their peers. Above all, using podcasts, ebooks and blogs facilitates deeper and more focused engagement with the knowledge and ideas that students need.

Podcasts in Higher Education

September 12, 2011

Here are the slides I used in a presentation to colleagues on 1st September 2011 about the use of podcasts in Higher Education. I explained how I have used podcasts in my teaching and why I did so. I have used podcasts to make sure that students can get a firm grasp of the basics as a platform for further and deeper study, reflection and engagement. There is also an impact or open access dimension (as illustrated by the 2010 slides showing the range of countries from which the talks in one of my podcast series have been downloaded). One of the participants asked whether I used Facebook and I showed the participants the Hong Kong Land Law Facebook page. The person who asked the questions was a colleague and an independent musician. He had recently publicised one of his concerts on his Facebook page and attracted an audience of 500.