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Using Blackboard to create a Community of Inquiry on an undergraduate law course

December 20, 2015

I gave a presentation on Using Blackboard to create a Community of Inquiry at the 2015 Teaching and Learning Expo at the Chinese University of Hong Kong. The slides are available here.

I described the creation of a digital space  within a Blackboard course site to focus the collective efforts of the participants in an undergraduate law course on the problem of informal arrangements concerning ownership rights in the family home. I described the design and the theory that inspired it.

This is the beginning of an Action Research Project where I try to understand whether this blended learning design can lead to better learning and better ideas. Can it lead to students having a sense that they have a real contribution to make in thinking about this problem? The aims are also to help students to improve their research and writing skills. The research tries to understand what is required of teachers trying to create a Community of Practice devoted to solving real problems and to improving the organisation, exposition and ways of thinking about a body of knowledge.

Michael Lower