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Updated chapter on Landlord and Tenant in Chitty Hong Kong specific contracts

January 7, 2015

Sweet & Maxwell have published the Fourth edition (2014) of Chitty on Contracts. Hong Kong specific contracts. It includes my updated chapter on Landlord and Tenant.

Michael Lower

Service Occupiers: Who Is In Possession?

March 28, 2013

My note, ‘Service Occupiers: Who Is In Possession’ reviews the English cases looking at the situation in which an employee lives in property of the employer. The cases provide criteria for deciding whether the employer or the employee is in possession (is a tenant or a licensee). The note is available for download from SSRN by clicking here.

Street v Mountford

March 19, 2013

I’ve written a brief note setting out the main issues covered in Street v Mountford. It is available on SSRN by clicking here. I’ve posted a brief slidecast related to this on Youtube (click here).